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Active flashlight app is the best flashlight app! Fast and brightest flashlight app that uses a bright LED flashlight and flexible screen light regulator with low battery consumption. Active flashlight app instantaneously makes your phone more useful and turns it into one of the most crucial parts of your life. Active flashlight is among the most popular flashlights app ever. It has numerous features. Some of them include the strobe personal information required for its working.


• Easy to use
• Portable handheld electric light.
• The case supports it.
• Battery indicator
• Set custom light timing
• Low battery consumption.
• It takes low memory space.
• Optimized and reliable
• Energy-saving light
• Easy to install
• Countless colour variation
• Uses both screen and flashlight
• Adjustable brightness with simple and ultra-mood
• Compatible with almost all versions of digital mobile devices.
• Help you to find your way
• Convert into a disco light with a variety of options.
• Comfort yourself during power outrage.
• Get a reliable companionship during hiking and trips
• Turn into a study table lamp
• Faster download speed
• Pure original functions
• Interface improvement.
• A unique feature of shake to blink
• Also works on smartphone
• Perfect for a variety of occasions.
• Help you a lot in regular life
• Flashlight effect with control
• Free and easy to install. This app is secure and convenient for use due to its small and minimum app permissions requirements with no additional ads. You can adjust its power strobes (intensity of light) and its colour variation. Also compatible with various music apps to give an effect of changing light (changing colour and brightness of light with changing beat of the music).
• Of all these features its very simple to use with off and on the button to turn on and off the flashlight and a scroll to control the colour effects, with additional buttons to control the strobes.
• It changes Your phone into a versatile flashlight App that brightens your day and leads the way. You should never be caught in the dark without a light ever again.

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