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All Language Translator Free download is the best application is to translate all language.


The language translator app can translate different languages. Download the largest All Language Translator dictionary with over manifestations of All Language words. All the Semantics, Syntax meanings of words are provided with definition. It’s the most refined app for easy and fast translations, which can also be used like a dictionary. It helps the student, tourist or traveler; to learn the new languages. Especially if you are a language student then it will help you a lot for learning prospective.

If you are traveller lover and want to travel to another country and you don’t know the language? Then what will you do? You have ideas in your mind but missing the language then this App will help you out with the help of this online translator you won’t have communication problems anymore.


• Simple user Interface
• Easy to use for Translation
• You can Listen translated text
• You can share your information on Social Media
• User Friendly Material design
• Easily used for the entire user.
• Help student, tourist or traveler, to learn the languages
• Enhance your vocabulary
• Polished your skills Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening
• One can translate by using own voice.
• Can hear translations.
• Low battery and space consumption

Translator languages list:-
English Language , Danish Language, Yoruba Language , Zulu Language , Kyrgyz Language , Lao Language , Luxembourgish Language, Chinese Simplified Language ,Chinese Traditional Language , Croatian Language , Czech Language , Ukrainian Language ,Urdu Language , Vietnamese Language , Welsh Language, Xhosa Language , Yiddish Language Dutch Language , , Esperanto Language , Estonian Language, Hindi Language , Hungarian Language , Icelandic Language Italian Language , Japanese Language , Kannada Language ,Thai Language , Turkish Language , Korean Language ,Latin Language Filipino Language Translator, Finnish Language ,French Language , Gallic Language , Georgian Language ,Portuguese Language German Language , Greek Language , Belorussian Language ,Bulgarian Language , Catalan Language , Slovak Language , Slovenian Language , Spanish Language , Polish Language ,Swahili Language ,Swedish Language , Tamil Language , Telugu Language , Gujarati Language ,Haitian Creole Language , Hebrew Language , Afrikaans Language , Albanian Language ,Arabic Language , Azerbaijani Language , Basque Language , Bengali Language, Indonesian Language , Irish Language, Latvian Language , Lithuanian Language , Macedonian Language , Malay Language , Maltese Language ,Norwegian Language , Persian Language, Romanian Language ,Russian Language, Serbian Language.

This application all language translator is a perfect tool to translate texts fast in your phone or tablets and computers.
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Because of a large number of amounts of android devices, Users may have a different experience on different devices. So, in that case, please write an email if you find any query, questions, or feature requests about this app. We are trying to work hard day and night to make it stable. 


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