Barcode and QR Code.

This barcode generator creates a barcode that is a way of encoding information in a visual pattern that a machine can understand. Also a QR code generator.
Now you can generate your QR codes and Barcodes within no time.


Are you looking for a barcode and QR code generator that supports all the formats of barcode? If the answer is yes, then you are at the right place, our QR and Barcode Generator App is a perfect app for you right now. Generate and scan code with one of the best QR and Barcode Generator App.

QR Code and Barcode Generator is the fastest and user-friendly app. It’s Free, Secure, Easy, no ads, no special permission nothing you can create barcodes without any limits!

On the other hand, it is also playing the role of the reader. It can scan the code immediately. While examining the system, if the code contains a website URL, this barcode reader takes you to that site.

How does scanner work?

Allow you to have the best and easiest way to scan:
• To scan a code all you need is to open the app and point your camera towards the system you want to study. That’s it; you have done. You don’t have to take a photo. It will memorize the code by only pointing the camera on i
• If the system contains any URL, it will automatically take you there. If there’s no URL, it will show the item for which barcode is it?

As we see, the scanner can scan text, URL, email, location, contact, calendar, and many other formats. In this way, it also saves your money, and you don’t have to buy a scanner.

How to Generate?

• Select the type of barcode format that you want to generate.
• Enter data.
• And you will get your code.

It also allows you to have a history of your transaction. If you need any information related to QR code or barcode, you can get that through its history option. One of the most convenient tools that help you generates and scan barcode images.

Want to create your barcode? Our app makes it easy for you, by performing some simple steps, your barcode is ready. You can add text, URL, email, calendar, events and much more by using this smart QR and Barcode generator.

So, what you are waiting? Install the best of the best app QR and Barcode Generator app and tell us your experience through rating!

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Suggest and recommend to us your point of view as we are waiting for your feedback. Feel free to reveal yours though on us. So we continue providing the best experience.

This application support English!

This application does not need personal information to process!


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