English Kids App abcd

English kid’s abcd for kids is a fun and education application.


Abcd for kids is an enjoyable and teaching application, which is especially designed for children to educate as well as to entertain. This application helps children learn English speedily and efficiently. With this magnificent application, your kids will remember new word well and utter correctly, moreover it helps kids to develop their memory skills.

Does bookish words are the only thing to learn from our App?

Undoubtedly, a big No. By using this application The kids can learn more such as Animals, Colors, Shapes, Vehicles ,Relations , Plants, Countries Fruits, Vegetables, Days, Months, Numbers, Body parts, Solar System, Sight words and much more. All the images in the App are calibrated very precisely so that the kids can easily identify each objects and gain knowledge about that.

This app not only helps kids to identify objects but also help them with the accurate pronunciations of words and enhances their knowledge. This application particularly helps parents, teachers to know about how difference is in young learner’s education progress.


• Low battery and space consumption
• Support all Android Devices
• Full package is Free
• Includes capital & small letter for each Alphabet with images
• Easy navigation in a sequential manner
• Slideshow Mode available.
• Targeted for 2 to 6 year old kids
• Best app for Preschool Learning exercises for Kindergarten Kids
• Collection of High-Quality 3D Nursery Rhymes, Cartoons, and Learning Songs
• Great Music Songs for every kid
• Parental Control Settings for App Settings.
• All kids learning rhymes of English are free to download.

This application provides, ABCD learning for nursery children that kids love to learn and also worked out alphabet games for kids to learn & enjoy!

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Because of a large number of amounts of android devices, Users may have a different experience on different devices. So, in that case, please write an email if you find any query, questions, or feature requests about this app. We are trying to work hard day and night to make it stable.


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