Image to text converter App

The image to text converter App is a free, easy, and simple to use application with the latest technology
to extract text from images. This application is the best application for converting images to text. With
the Support of image to Text app, you can click the image of your document file and can send text
anywhere on any social media app.


Photo to Text Scanner is the first scanner with High Quality and high accuracy. This application provides
the facility to convert photo/text into hard code text results. Image to text converter App has become
one of the most important applications for the offices, business, and institutes, most importantly, for
the university going students.
With the assistance of this image to convert the app. You can scan Texts from TV or smartphone screens
, Receipts and invoices, Telephone calls, Labels, Documents URL access, Business cards, Magazines,
Articles and books Manuals, and much more.
This image converter app also performs the following operations. Like, URL access, Telephone call, Copy
to clipboard, Send e-mail, Save to Google Drive, Save to Google Keep, Share on Google+, Share on
Google Hangouts. This app recognized your inserted text and performs the following operation like PNG
to text converter, jpeg to text converter, jpg to text converter, picture to text converter, image to word
converter, PDF to text converter, text scanner, and Text converter.


• Simple and easy in use
• Provides high-speed quality
• Provides high accuracy reading
• Support both types of texts, Editable Text, and Handwritten Text.
Provide Support your Phone Gallery
Provide Support to maximum Language
• Support all types of Android devices.
• Support photos of your album and other images types like; PNG, JPG/JPEG, GIF, TIF/TIFF, BMP.
• No need for internet
• Battery optimization
• Low space consumption
• Accurate results.

Kindly, please ensure that this app will never use the permission to access your data. Feel free to send
your feedback to us.

Because of various android devices users, you may have a different experience on different devices. But
we assure you that we are working day and night to make it
Stable if you find out any problem on your device share with us.

You can report your issues via e-mail about any problem that you are facing while using the application.
We will try our level best to meet up your needs and requirements.


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