Islamic Duas for Kids

Islamic Duas for kids is an excellent Duas for kid’s learning.


Islamic Duas for Kids helps kids to learn daily routine important made learn Daily Duas in easy way now. The application is especially designed for Muslims Kids to learn and recite Duas. There are different Duas for kids in daily life which we usually recited most common Duas like before eating, after eating drinking, and sleeping will help kids to improve the quality of life as per according to the path of Allah Almighty. Dua and Zikr are important aspect of life that nourishes our soul. Moreover this app engages kid’s interest in learning certain Duas.

Dua for kids is an interactive application that is especially designed for Muslim Kids to learn & memorize the daily Duas in the calmest way. Different important verses of daily life that need to implement in daily life are there from Quran in Daily Duas. It is one of the most authentic learning devices for kids. It’s a unique and modern way to educate your Childs.
Perfectly designed which will develop interest in kids. Audios and Arabic scripts are available in this application along with the English and Urdu translation. Learning Quran in childhood sharpens the kids and tells kids about the values of Islam.


• Provide daily use Duas for Kids
• Complete Dua series with Arabic Audio works on all android devices.
• You can hear Dua in native Arabic reciters.
• Have search feature that allows the user to find out Duas featuring the particular term.
• Transcription choice helps user in knowing precise pronouncing Islamic entreaties in Arabic language.
• Provide user with English and Urdu Translation
• Complete collection of 80 Duas and Zikr.
• Easy in use
• Low battery and space consumption
• Can use offline
• Zoom in and out function
• Can share with other by using social applications.

Kindly please make sure that this app will never use the permission to access your data. Feel free to send us your feedback to us.
Islamic Duas for kids is particularly intended for information purposes only and does provide true messaging functionality.
This application is a perfect application for learning Islamic Duas. If you would like, please take a moment out and rate this Islamic Duas for Kids and write your valuable comments and suggestions in the comments section.

Because of a large number of amounts of android devices, Users may have a different experience on different devices. So, in that case, please write an email if you find any query, questions, or feature requests about this app. We are trying to work hard day and night to make it stable.


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