Perfect Piano

Perfect Piano is gifted piano emulator designed for all Android phones and tablets.


Perfect Piano is very simple and easy to acclimatize. If you are interested in music then as a new learner it could practice and play the few lessons music students. We need bigger screen to have more keys displayed. The training session should include one teaching video as to what the symbols represent when using learning mode.

The application can perfectly also be used as a piano teacher. There is an option for recording your own songs. The recording function of the app allows you to save musical compositions. You can play them later. You have an option to set the amount of visible piano keys. You can move the keyboard with one key or one octave to the right or to the left by your own choice. This magic keyboard piano will act like your virtual teacher. At the same time this app can teach you how to play the piano and to get pleasure.
Best thing about this Piano app is that it’s the best solution for both beginners and the masters of the piano.

The song genre list is varied such as

• Rock
• Classical
• Sufi
• Neo classical
• The Latest Pop
• Film Theme Tunes
• TV Theme Tunes, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s,


• It supports all phones and all tablets of Androids.
• Particularly focus on parts of the song to play back.
• Have reliable digitized impressive piano sounds.
• Highlight records on/off to play by ear.
• You can always in your pocket
• Slow /up/down / speed of any particular song.
• Can easily turn up / down volume of any song play of own choice.
• Ideal for play along mode.
• Immersion’s eventual Compactness Control Haptic comment
• Free music, multitouch, learning mode, load and save song, recorder, tablet support.
• Works with all screen resolutions
• Perfect applications for musicians
• Best Piano is the best solution for music lovers
• Learning will be a fun!

Kindly please make sure that this app will never use the permission to access your data. So feel free to send us your feedback.
Piano app is particularly for music lovers only and does provide true messaging functionality of all types and genres of music.
Because of various android devices users, you may have a different experience on different devices. But we assure you that we are working day and night to make it stable if you find out any problem on your device share with us.


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