English to Urdu Dictionary


English to Urdu Dictionary is the best application for language learners.


English to Urdu Dictionary is the best application for language lovers and helps students to learn different languages. It offers speakers to Learn English Speaking in Urdu for free & Offline.
English to Urdu Translator app have Offline Translator. It’s a complete offline English to Urdu dictionary app. You can Translate English to Urdu and Urdu to English as well. Now you don’t have need to hold a heavy dictionary in your hands for searching of meanings. All that needed is to download this application.

Perfect app for students to Improve English vocabulary with this app they can learn English to Urdu semantics and syntax. Moreover, it helps students to Learn English tenses and English grammar in Urdu.

The English Urdu Dictionary app features:

• numerous entries ranging from classic to modern language usage
• International Phonetic Alphabet depiction to benefit learners to learn accurate pronunciation
• help learners to learn Grammatical and usage information for both English and Urdu languages

It’s for the first time that the dictionary contains, a standardized, clear, and exact representation of the sounds and spoken letters of a word, it’s an ideal learning app for foreign language learning.


• Easy and simple in use
• English to Urdu Meanings
•  English to English Meanings
•  Synonyms
•  Word of day announcement
•  List of favorite words
• Separate list of important words
• Previous history of recently searched words
•  Pronunciation hearing option
•  Online references from oxford learners
•  Random word option for vocabulary enhancement
• Multiple search options for language learning
•  Font Size can be adjusted as per requirement
•  Interactive user interface
•  Urdu interface support
• International Phonetics Alphabet pronunciation
•  Offline data storage
• Low battery and data consumption

Kindly, please make sure that this app will never use the permission to access your data. Feel free to send us your feedback to us.
English Urdu dictionary app is particularly intended for learning purposes only. Because of various android devices users, you may have a different experience on different devices. But we assure you that we are working day and night to make it stable if you find out any problem on your device share with us.


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